Printable Instructions

Mounting the Tine-Guide Unit to the Fork

1. Remove Tine-Guide from package.

2. Raise forks to an easy accessible working height (approx. 4 feet).

3. Decide on which fork to mount the Guide and place it on the outside, just above the bottom of the selected fork. [See Figure 1]

                                                                                                                             Figure 1                                                              Figure 2

4. Place bracket A up against the back side of the Tine-Guide and the fork. [See Figure 2]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Figure 3

5. Cover bracket B around the front of bracket A - matching up the holes of each. Bracket B is slotted, so make sure it is pulled tight up against bracket A. [See Figure 3]

6. Secure brackets A & B together using the bolts provided. [See Figure 3] Tighten jam nuts well against the bracket.


Connecting Battery:

7. Remove the battery cover and place the battery in the battery compartment.

8. Connect the connector on the battery to the connector found in the battery compartment.


Adjusting the Laser Line:

 9. Lift the forks and the laser should come on when movement occurs.

10. The laser may not be level internally. The laser head located on the bottom of the unit [See Figure 3] allows adjustments to be made to both the vertical height and horizontal level of the laser.
Steps 11 through 13 cover calibrating the level. Step 14 covers height adjustment. 

11. Lay the Tine-Guide box across the end of the forks to visually see the location of the line.

      12. Remove the faceplate using a “3/32 Allen wrench”. [See Figure 3]
              With Cold Storage/Waterproof Units, be careful not to damage the seal on the faceplate.


Figure 3

13. You can now see the laser lens housing (Brass). [See Figure 3] Insert a small thin flat-head screwdriver into the slot in the laser face being careful not to touch the laser’s lens. Now turn the laser left or right to level the laser line. (Note: You should only have to move the laser a small amount. It may also be hard to turn, but be careful not to slip and damage the laser.)

14. To adjust laser level, take the “5/64 Allen wrench” and turn the set screw on the bottom of the unit clockwise or counter clockwise until the laser is aligned with the tine tips. [See Figure 3]
(Note: You can now adjust the laser level a little above, below or right on the tines, your choice.)

Printable Instructions

Charging the Battery Pack:

15. Remove the cover from the battery compartment in the Tine-Guide housing.

16. Unplug the battery from the unit.

17. Plug the charger in to a110VAC outlet. The LED on the charger will flash red and green indicating that the charger is ready.

18. Plug the battery into the connector on the charger and the LED will turn red indicating that the unit is charging.

19. The charger will shut off automatically when the battery is fully charged and the indicator LED will turn green.
                 (Note: Charging time is approximately 8 hours.)

20. Disconnect the battery from the charging unit.

21. Reconnect the battery to the battery cable in the Tine-Guide unit and insert the battery into the battery compartment and replace the battery cover.

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